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Vinařství Stapleton&Springer



Today se are busy shipping...of course our wine to Kosice, London, NYC, Zurich, Edinburgh. We also finished cutting Terasy vineyard. We bottle vintage 2015, and we play with maturation of vintage 2017.

Note: besides the normal work also paperwork...more and more administration :-(



Today I am drinking TRKMANSKO 2015 after prolonged oxidation in bottle in cooler temperature for several days. Colour turned into tee-tones and the taste matured by 10 years.

Other than that, we will continue cutting in the vineyards for few more days. And I also received lab protocols for vintage 2017, what can I tell you, the values are awesome.

I'm looking forward to fruitful work and of course visits from you, wine lovers.


PF 2018



It's Christmas today!

So let's not work anymore and recap 2017. We have learned a lot this year. For example I am proud that we have not once sprayed 4,5 hectares. This year was extremely dry. Wines are nice though, with 11,5-12,9 alcohol, with round mellow phenols, just beautiful for drinking. We have bought new barriques from French producer FF, and our wines mature in these. In the vineyards we have decided to cut a la Guyout - Poussard - before I knew the name and fact in actually exists, I had this in my head since some time around 2018.

For the future our focus in working on quality and we want to improve every year, every day actually. Our ideas are probably different to most commercial wineries. There are too many ordinary wines in the world. We wont to work, we enjoy the WORK, and sustainable wine-growing, and ORGANIC wines simply make us happy. We want to share our enthusiasm with people who feel the same.

Merry Christmas!

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