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Vinařství Stapleton&Springer



We wish all you especially strong health, happiness and a lot of good wine in the year 2016. What are we facing? Work on vintage 2015, it keeps looking promising. We plan to plant Chardonnay on the vineyard of Čtvrtě. We have to pay a special attention to the young plants. We´ll keep working in ORGANIC way. I think you can fully understand the meaning of the word "ORGANIC" after at least one year of applying it. We have been applying ORGANIC for ten years. The best on it is that we all have enjoy it more and more.

...And I would say that so have you. So, cheers!

See Ben listening to how Pinot noir 2015, clone 777 is working.


Friends, there was a time when I thought that the global warming would be good for winery. Grapes will mature regularly and even better. I don´t think so anymore, and for some time. The extreme weather pretty much ruins and devastates our work... Michal Janecek has come to see us today and he said: "I have been to Alaska, and the rivers are rather dry and algae have proliferated over there. Some 4 years ago, the clean sea in Finland is clogged with algae today"....

We suffer the shortage of ground water. The air is getting worse and worse, especially in autumn and winter. Let´s think about it carefully. I will plant trees and vines and look after them always in the pure ORGANIC way, despite of that deer will bite both our leaves and grapes "preferably". The deer don´t like chemicals, and we shouldn´t as well! I would like to build a pond on our property under the Terasy  plot. We need more clean air, quality water and a good wine from time to time, so that we would be happier. Well, that´s it......Jaroslav Springer

Merry Christmas!


I wished the vintage 2015 to be good. We worked hard on the vineyards and we tried our best to cope with drought. We have not harvested a big quantity of grapes this year, but the tastes of wines are promising. The greater acreage of vineyards enable us to grapple better with bad weather, which becomes more extreme year by year, and it also enable us to select only the right grapes to harvest (well-coloured and healthy), from which we will make a quality wine.

We will not expand our production! We have started to number the bottles to show the originality of each type of wine.

We plant several different clones of Pinot noir and Chardonnay, 14 in total. Some of them are "for wet" and the others "for dry" , as we expect the extremes and imbalances in weather will continue. I hope we will keep harvesting low quantity but high quality grapes even in the following years.

We are getting more stability and peace of mind to our work , as more people come to see us, so that there is no need to explain our philosophy so much.

Each day brings headaches and enjoys. Let´s see the world positively, remember the wine has been given to us to cheer our spirit.

Love each other and cheers!


Tomas Springer presented our collection of Pinot noir in London at the biginning of September. Receiving the order of Lea & Sandeman, a wine merchant, we prepared  ORANGE, BLANC, ROUCI and CTVRTE and the wine is leaving towards London.

We believe the UK market will enjoy our wine, so that we will keep cooperating in the next year as well.


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